Friday, February 11, 2011

Posts Tagged ‘diaphanous rooms’ Perfect Apartment Interior Renovation by A-cero in Madrid

An old four storey building in the centre of Madrid, have been remodeled to resulted the maximum functionality in order to creating a great opportunity for living in a new apartment in the best area of Madrid. There is the Spanish architecture firm A-cero which is commisioned to designed a new reformed luxurious apartments for lease. There are eight apartments interior which was redesigned, each house has a different distribution but every house has provide four or more bedrooms with its bathrooms, kitchen, lounge – dining room, utilities area and a toilette. All flats have ample spaces and a functional distribution based on diaphanous rooms, double height roofs and a practical and effective distribution. Each apartment are lighted with so much luminosity through big large windows and skylights in lounges, dining rooms and halls, plus white walls and roofs which increase clarity, cleanliness and warmth sensations in the interior.

Perfect Apartment Interior Renovation result
perfect apartment interior renovation result by a cero in madridModern Apartment Living room Renovation result
modern apartment living room renovation result by a cero in madridFor the kitchens and bathrooms, the furniture are totally equipped and the floors are made of different materials, such as travertine marble, wood and porcelánico dark gray. For the living area, A-cero also designed the furnitures with (more…)

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