Thursday, December 9, 2010

Latest Home Decorating Ideas

Native American decor is a fantastic theme to work with. It is not as popular as other themes, but see below for some great ideas.....

Home Decorating Ideas
Home Decorating IdeasHome Decorating Ideas
Home Decorating IdeasHome Decorating Ideas
Home Decorating IdeasHome Decorating Ideas
Home Decorating IdeasHome Decorating Ideas
Home Decorating IdeasHome Decorating Ideas

If you love the Native American decor and would like to incorporate it into you decor. This decor is not as popular as you would think it would be and there is no real reason for that however, it should be and if you want to find a decor that provides balance and peaceful serenity then the Native American decor is it.

The Native Americans believed that if you take from the earth, you put it back. They didn’t destroy and take away never intending to replace. The earth was their lifeline and they believed that true happiness was not found in material things. While you begin decorating with this theme, learn about the Native Americans and their reason for decorating the way that they do.

This decor uses nature as the color to choose. Bringing the elements of the earth into the home is the main goal in this type of decor. The Native Americans respected the earth and all it provided and that is why the decor is suppose to honor the earth. Never destroy it and keep in bare. The Native Americans used this decor because it had a positive feel to it.

There are several different ways to obtain decorations for your Native American decor. You can shop on reservations where you will see first hand how things are made and buy from the individual who made them. You can select from many different types of decor. You can also visit festivals that occur once a year at least. Here you will see a wide selection of pottery, artwork, baskets, dolls, weapons, sculptures, instruments, and more.

To complete the Native American decor, you will need to paint your walls. Use a neutral color. Earth tone colors include the colors you see in nature; green grass, blue sky, red fruit, orange pumpkins, orange and yellow sunset, pink skies in the evening, brown dirt, and more. You want to make sure that you include all the natural shades and nothing more. Color is very important to the Native Americans and should be to you too.

Area rugs are also a part of the decor. Native Americans use a southwestern pattern in their rugs or they use rustic decor like pine trees, pinecones, or animals. You can find the perfect area rug for your home based on your likes and dislikes in color.

Study the tribe that is inspiring your decor. You want to learn their beliefs, recipes, healing beliefs, and more. Incorporate everything you learned into your decor. Wall art should tell as story of what you have learned.

Celebrate your new Native American decor by inviting the family and maybe some friends over for a night of Native American celebration. Include dances that you have learned, recipes that you have prepared, and music. This will set your theme so that everyone will get the feel of it and know why you chose the Native American theme to kick off your new decor.

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