Friday, August 13, 2010

Modern Kitchen Design

Culinablu modern European kitchens - new kitchen design elements

culinablu kitchen designEuropean ingenuity and style create modern kitchens of dramatic form and function. Culinablu have developed sophisticated contemporary kitchens that feature fabulously designed centrepieces. Using luxurious lacquers, veneers, and wood with sleek glass and metal; Culinablu create stylish walls of cabinetry units. Within these designer panels Culinablu fit iconic fixtures like convex and concave cabinets. A fantastic round sink with movable chopping boards and work surfaces, can form the centre of these modern German kitchens. Modular units ensure personal designs that make the most of any kitchen space. To bring European innovations and style to you kitchen contact Culinablu.

culinablu kitchen design waterstationculinablu kitchen round cabinet front

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