Friday, July 2, 2010

Modern Bedroom Design

The best modern bedroom designs are those that achieve a clean and contemporary finish without making the space seem cold and clinical. Unfortunately, this is a lot easier said than done so here are a few tips and ideas to ensure you achieve the right kind of modern design.

dream modern bedroomNatural Light

Light is an important commodity in a modern design. It makes the room seem spacious, airy and relaxing. So before you even start thinking about colour schemes, furniture or anything else, consider how you can get as much natural light as possible into the room.

Neutral Walls

There are some people that love having bold colours on their walls and will never be told otherwise. However, there’s a reason why most modern bedrooms use whites, creams and other neutral tones – they’re relaxing. These colours combined with the light create the perfect ambiance for rest and relaxation.

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