Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living Room Designs and Ideas

Living room designs countless. Living room ideas will give you a plan for your living room, a space that will first cast an impression on the visitor’s mind!

Living Room Designs IdeasThe first impression is many a times the last impression. Your home decorating is an extension of your personality. It portrays what you are and what your thought of line is. The décor is an portal of the people of live inside your home. By the virtue of it, your home casts and impression on your guests too. A few places make us feel wanted, loved, warm and unpleasant too. Definitely, we don’t want our home to be an unpleasant memory for the guests or even for the family members. A home maker knows what goes into transforming a house into a home. Living room designs will show you have to mix and match the colors to brings out the flavor and the essence. The living room is the first room as you enter, and hence should be well decorated. Here are a few decorating ideas for a living room that will help decorate your living room in a way that you always wanted.

Old and Rusty
This is a living room design idea, though rustic, doesn’t have to be dirty and smelly. A rustic living room can sport colors like burnt orange, burgundy, rust and earthy brown. The wall décor will include wrought iron frames and art work. A mirror in a wrought iron frame will make your room look larger than it actually is. Black lampshades will subdue the light setting a mellow mood. Use indirect lighting as its pleasing to the eye. Handwoven rugs in shades of red and maroon will go perfectly with the theme. Leather couch will add to the ‘oomph’ factor and comfort too. You could apply the rustic theme as a unique home décor all through the house to match your living room.

Living Room DesignCountry

Country styled living room is one of the cute living room ideas. Country roads are always nostalgic to travel. Create a country wonder in your living room with the country style décor, that no one would ever want to leave. Begin with earthy colors, like any shades of brown. Use wooden flooring or wood-like flooring to get the country feel. The seating arrangement can be of leather couches or upholstered couches, the choice is obviously your. Wall mounted lampshades similar in design to the mashaal. Country style living rooms are timeless, and so are family photographs. So, bring them out and frame them with wood. Make a memory wall in the living room. Have handwoven rugs, or furry ones can work too. However, furry ones attract a lot of dust and are a slightly difficult to clean. Finish the room with wooden furniture to highlight the element of country style décor.

Living Room DesignsContemporary
Modern living room ideas are ruled by low key color schemes, metallic furniture, glass and minimal accessories. A contemporary living room can be both formal and informal. It is defined by dictionary meaning of elegant. To make your living room contemporary, use a lot of chrome and glass while making or buying the contemporary living room furniture. Marble or granite flooring will establish a royalty in the room. Black leather couch for seating arrangement is an indisputable option. Again indirect lighting and yellow lighting will make your room looking worth a million dollars!

Townhouse Living RoomEthnic
Ethnic living room are casual and laid back. An ethnic living room will make a space for relaxing. A lot of mirror work on pillow cases, melange of vibrant and earthy colors of the walls, tribal paintings and diffused lighting are the characteristics of ethnic living room. Make the seating arrangements low, so that people can enjoy their time lazying. The interesting fact about designing ethnic living rooms is that, there are no rules!

Living Room Design InteriorStylish living room ideas, cute living room ideas, living room design color ideas, modern living room decorating ideas or just living room design ideas, there are plenty of ideas out there. The point is how you incorporate them. A living room is the first room of the house. Just as you choose your words while introducing yourself, choosing the items you’d want to decorate your living room with is equally essential. Before you begin decorating designing your living room, have a plan in your mind so that you can go accordingly. Your living room is the first space of your house, use it well!

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