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Contemporary Living Room

Most of people think of interior design specialties in terms of two large categories: residential and commercial. Residential interior design focuses on private living places such as freestanding single-family dwellings, condominiums, and apartments. This area of interior design most likely comes to mind since it gets so much attention from the media. Commercial interior design addresses a large range of business and government-owned facilities such as hospitals, hotels, schools, government office buildings, and corporate offices.
Modern Living RoomContemporary Living Room by Kenneth Brown

Residential Design
When specializing in residential interior design, the professional may work on projects involving the entire house, perhaps from the initial planning stage, in conjunction with the architect or custom home builder. Residential design projects can also involve the more straightforward redecorating of a residence. A remodeling project can involve moving nonload-bearing walls, replacing cabinets, relocating plumbing fixtures, and other mechanical elements. Remodeling might also lead to adding a room to the house. In some jurisdictions, it is important to point out that these projects must be done with an architect. Redecorating involves changing architectural finishes like walls, flooring, and ceiling. It can also extend to replacing window treatments and planning new furniture items.

Modern Living RoomModern Living Room

Aging in Place
The concept of aging in place is not new. It has received unprecedented attention in the late 20th century as the mature generation - the parents of the baby boomers – began to choose to stay in their homes into retirement and beyond. Designing or remodeling homes for adults who wish to age in place brings many challenges to designers. For example, materials specifications need to be made with safety in mind, as the polished stone floor used in home for younger adults can be especially hazardous for the mature and senior adult. Door handles and faucet handles that require grasping can be very difficult for the person with moderate to severe arthritis. Door widths and thresholds can impede movement for someone in a wheelchair or who must use a walker.

Modern Living RoomModern Living Room

Commercial interior design involves the design of public spaces for the purpose of private and nonprofit business. It is generally agreed that public spaces are interiors where the general public may enter, although, of course there may still be some restrictions. Examples of for-profit businesses are movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, stores, and medical suites, while government buildings are nonprofit business facilities. Any type of business can restrict entry by the general public into certain areas of the business facility. For example, many corporate offices limit entry to employees. A restaurant does not generally allow customers into the kitchen. All commercial interior design, regardless of specialty, has certain common considerations. Commercial interior design projects must be executed with adherence to strict building, fire safety, and accessibility codes. Commercial clients are generally budget-conscious, and the concept of “cheaper, better, faster” is common for commercial projects.

Contemporary Living RoomContemporary Living Room - "Mr. and Mrs Smith"
Contemporary Living RoomContemporary Living Room
Contemporary Living RoomContemporary Living Room

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