Friday, October 29, 2010

Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas!

Curtains are must, and more so for living rooms. We always seem to be in search of living room curtains and decorating ideas
for the same! Its the first rule of the game- when looking for living room curtain ideas for your modern home, always keep in view your living room design or decor theme, its furniture, budget, as well as the size of the room. Select the curtain styles and curtain fabrics very carefully so that it looks fabulous with different design patterns. Modern living room curtains should be in plain fabrics and primary colors. However, modern home decor
rules also allow you to go wild with your imagination and mix and match colors and curtain styles with other window treatments like blinds.

Modern Living Room with Window Curtain Blinds TreatmentModern living room curtains look really contemporary if they are in single color tone and neutral. However, it will also look good if two tones of the same color where the dark hue of fabric creates a sense of depth while lighter hues work to reduce the effect of the dark tone. Also pastels in sheer fabric look great, especially for glass sliding doors and windows!

Living Room Curtain Colors IdeasA living room that has doors and windows outside will look better with double sided curtains. Quality lining to these living room curtains also increase their life. To create a soft atmosphere in living room, vibrant colored curtains in soft fabric such as satin or plain voile curtains can also be used. If not using vibrant colors, the plain colors in stylish curtain designs like eyelet curtains can be hung with various decorative aspects like tassels and tiebacks. They give a dramatic stylish look to living room curtains. Decorative curtain rods and other curtain accessories like curtain rod finials can bring a touch of elegance to your living room decor.

 Eyelet Voile Curtain for Living RoomThese were some modern living room curtain ideas for bringing in the contemporary look to your living room decor. For understanding more about modern decorating ideas, read Modern Interior Design, Furniture & Decorating

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