Friday, May 14, 2010

Top Kitchen Design

7 Modern European Kitchen Designs from Ernestomeda, Italy

Top Kitchen DesignThe Solaris worktop uses several current trends to push the boundaries of our imagination. Integral to the design is DuPont’s new Corian material. Corian is a gorgeous solid surface that can be cast, carved or moulded to create the most innovative forms. In the Solaris the Corian is use to create a smooth streamlined worktop with an integral backsplash...

Today’s Trends in European Kitchen Design

Top Kitchen DesignEuropeans take their kitchens seriously, and for the highlights of today’s most fabulous kitchen trends we need only look at Ernestomeda’s broad range of kitchens. A youthful Italian kitchen firm, Ernestomeda bring innovation, quality and style into their kitchens. They are at the forefront of design with their use of colour, dramatic lighting,...

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