Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Bathroom Design Idea: Finding a Focal Point

Viewers to this spacious master bathroom might have a bit of difficulty singling out just one focal point. Creating a space with one -- or more -- focal points is a simple way to add interest to any bathroom design.

Top Bathroom DesignSuperbly matched wood grains and intricate ebony detailing on the vanity lend an exotic air to this bath.

The spectacular vanity with its pair of crystal sconces is certainly a show-stopper. The mirrored wall, hung with gleaming chandelier sconces, enhances the elegant excitement of this space.

But the marble-surrounded tub with its window view flanked by classic oval windows is also unquestionably eye-catching. Extending the tub's marble surround onto nearby walls is clever in several ways: It gives the whole room a sleek, flowing look and provides ample space for both seating and stacking bath supplies.

Top Bathroom DesignDeceptively simple, this tub surround in fine wood gains richness from the swirling grained marble top.

Even if your bath isn't large enough to have more than one focal point, you can still take a few tips from this handsome room. Position a large mirror opposite the window if possible to capture all the light as well as the view, if it's a pleasing one. (If it's not, a pretty translucent shade or curtain that obscures the scene but admits the light will do.)

Install vanity lighting right on or above the mirror for more reflective sparkle. For the crowning touch, find a vintage dresser and have it converted into a unique vanity, or just embellish an ordinary vanity with special paint and hardware.

Centering your bathroom design around a focal point adds visual drama to the room, but so does a distinctive geographical style. To explore a bathroom with a French flair, see the next page.

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