Sunday, April 4, 2010

Living Room 2010

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living room 20102010 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

living room 20102010 Living Room Design
Hülsta, a German furniture making company has come out with its ‘2010 Living Room Collection’ and it is nothing less than stunning. Known for quality and is adored for style, Hülsta has a very exclusive and elite clientèle. Intelligently designed and beautifully crafted shapes are hallmarks of Hülsta.

Perusing through its wide range you can tell that each single unit in an exclusive design shows immaculate lines that reflect everlasting modishness. The glossy textures and lacquered black-brown designs create a dramatic prominence.

The MEGA-DESIGN living-room has wood paneled shelves with a space for library, television and wi-fi system. A thinner unit has been used as a room divider for optimum utilization of space, there by giving it a contemporary and modern look. The wall separator unit has slides as door panels with a feather touch-closing. The two new colors on offer in 2010 are sand-lacquer and structured beech shine which harmonizes the room. These are expandable and collapsible as per future requirements.

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