Sunday, March 21, 2010

First, I want ngerjain HW from Natmel, which from the first first-gw delay continues ('ve more than 1 week even). Sorry yach. just lazy. Hehe.Tell about your dream house!
First: Living Room
I wanted a bright living room and funky, especially if they were green like the picture above. Tuh definitely very satisfied. Unsightly(well, for me).

Second: Bedroom
I want large rooms and unique. Like the picture. Even better still if they were green. But as hard really looking for the picture (read: males really looking for pictures), so I use this image. Huahaha. Despite the small house, but room should be large. I still like the house like that. XP

Third: Bathroom
If bedroomnya large, the toilet too big to be! Should be a comfortable place to read books. The place should also be light. Let me read a book reply, his eyes not damaged.

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