Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living Room Furniture Clever Sofas

Living Room Furniture Clever Sofas, Living Room Painting - Home Interior Design Living Room Painting - Home Interior Design
Love fancy cars but can’t afford to keep a whole one around? How about just the back end? This car couch (top) is nothing like the tacky versions from the 80s. This is smooth, luxurious Aston Martin DB6 – just like James Bond would sit on if he ever sat around watching movies and eating potato chips.
The Wave Chaise (bottom) is a new concept in teen seating/entertainment. This one piece of furniture contains everything your teenager (or you, if you’re game) might need entertainment-wise. Watch TV and movies, play video games, do homework, listen to CDs, read a book, talk on the phone or take a nap in this futuristic-looking pod.

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